Medics Aways Stiftelse

The Medics Away Foundation is the legal categorization of our non-profit organization. The Medics Away Foundation may also be used for charitable purposes. Our Foundation either donates funds and support to other organizations, or provides the sole source of funding for their own charitable activities. There are some common structural elements that are the first observed under legal scrutiny or classification.

Some questions you may ask include

  • What is the purpose of the foundation?
  • What is its' economic activity?
  • Who supervises and manages the provisions of the Foundation?
  • What accountability and auditing provisions are in place?

The Medics Away Foundation was set up by Dr. Giles Molyneux to distribute funds to targeted health care projects in hospitals and communities that host Medics Away medical students during their Medical Electives. Our team’s collective background in World travel, medicine and business provides the backbone of our charitable service.

For details of Medics Away Foundation accounts for 2011, please refer to the UK Charities Commission website.