Population 1.252 billion Area 3.287 million km²
Language(s) Hindi, English Timezones India Standard Time, UTC +5:30
Currency Indian Rupee (INR) Climate Tropical, Temperate, Alpine
Dialing code +91 Electricity 230V, 50Hz, type C, D, M Sockets

Rich in culture and natural beauty, Kerala is the prefect place to get away from the norm’s of western life. A great place to practice medicine in a large modern facility. India is a world unto itself. Travel the length and breadth of this culturally enriched sub-continent, and discover the diversity and unity amongst its people unlike that of any other nation.

Rich In Culture

The Medics Away elective is based in Cochin, in the south westerly province of Kerala. Famous for its beaches, backwaters, culture, spices, hills and religious places, its no wonder the state tourism department moniker describes it as “God’s Own Country”. Kerala is one of the few places in India that was not subject to direct British rule. People here live largely the same way they have lived traditionally and much of its rich culture and heritage is well-preserved. The area is becoming very tourist friendly also. The activities available to Medics Away students are extensive and perfect for the elective, which pertains well to the average elective itinerary; Hospital rotations in the week and travelling away for the weekends.

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Getting There

Students arrive into Kochi International Airport just near the city of Cochin. Medics Away provide a transfer from the airport to the hotel, included in the price of the elective. The transfer distance is approximately 30 kilometres. Flights do not fly directly from the UK in Cochin, so often a stopover in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai or Dehli is required.


The Yuvarani Residency is a Classified 3 star hotel situated in the heart of Cochin City. Well equipped, comfortable, air-conditioned, full serviceable rooms are provided. The hotel has a restaurant and bar. Full internet WiFi access is available. Breakfast is not included. Centrally located and an easy commute to the hospital during the week. The Yuvarani makes for a pleasant escape from the daily hustle and bustle of Cochin life.

Discovery Trip

The Discovery Trip in India includes a House Boat Cruise in Cochin, excursions to the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and a few nights at the Secret Beach Cottage in Costa Malabari. Please be aware that all trips are subject to the local weather conditions. The trips are suposed to give students insight into the local culture and traditions of the people of Kerala. Not to mention the opportunties you will have to spot some of the wild life (don’t mention to Mr Varghese if you see a tiger, in the 36 years he lived in the area he has never seen one!). Ulitimately however, these trips are meant to relax and replenish your energy supplies ready for the next weeks hospital rotations.

Please refer to the Activities section of the India website for more details of each of the trips. Additional trips are available, please use the Add to Itinerary button to submit further requests for trips. Medics Away will add them to your itinerary and adjust your invoice accordingly.


The Cochin hospital is a 700-bed multi-specialty acute-cum-critical care referral hospital. It is one of the most wellequipped and premium hospitals in South India. The Hospital has come a long way over the years with the commitment and passion of over 1,000 dedicated healthcare professionals, comprising internationally acclaimed doctors/surgeons and efficient support staff, and world-class facilities.

The Hospital provides a wide range of specialities that students can request. These include Cardiology, Neurology, Paediatrics, Respiratory, Oncology, Haematology, Radiology, Urology, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Endocrinology and Emergency Medicine. There are also numerous Surgical Specialities that include Cardiac, Neuro, Spinal, Obstetrics, ENT, Ophthalmology, General, Vascular and Genito Urinary. Depending on the availability, Medics Away always works hard to guarantee each student the speciality of their choosing.


  1. Wayanad Wildlife Reserve


  2. Secret Beach Cottage

    £60 / pp

  3. Idukki

    £50 / pp

  4. House Boat Cruise

    £40 / pp


Unfortunately, we have not built up an extensive database of flights to India. This is all we have:

Arrival in Cochin

Cochin from Abu Dhabi Ethiad Airlines ET0280 03:20

Departure from Cochin

Cochin to Abu Dhabi Ethiad Airlines ET0281 04:30


  • Last Date in Home Country
  • Passport copy (URGENT)
  • Curriculum Vitae (using example) (URGENT)
  • University Accreditation Letter attesting to student’s Good Standing (URGENT)
  • Date of Exam Results, if Pass is Mandatory (URGENT)
  • University Electives Coordinators - Names, Phones & emails
  • Apply and Obtain Visa
  • Email Visa copy to Medics Away
  • Immunisation Record
  • Email Airline Flight Confirmation to Medics Away
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Pay Invoice

Impressions of India

I was just emailing to say thank you very much for the elective in India. It was thoroughly enjoyable from a medical and from a cultural point of view. Everything was also very well organised for me when I was out there which was great. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back but I've been pretty swamped with finals. Anyway if you have anything on your website where I can give feedback I would be happy to do so and say how enjoyable and well organised the whole thing was.

Philip Coakley

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*Price per person based on full 4 week elective. Conditions apply. Other durations available. Availability and actual prices will be confirmed with you after submitting a booking request.