Spanish Classes, Peru

We have more than 10 years experience in offering personal and flexible Spanish lessons, immersing you in the Peruvian culture and all of its diverse manifestations, promoting cultural exchange through experience and contact with the local population.

Our teachers are Peruvians with specific knowledge of the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and general knowledge covering a broad range of areas and specifically focused to help in the hospital. They teach Spanish, in an easygoing entertaining manner, without the stress typical of a conventional school, which allows students to develop their abilities and improve their level in the language at their own pace. Our method is to create a friendly familiar, warm atmosphere, where each student is important and our goal is to meet their expectations as much academically as with respect to their experience in Peru.

Price Includes

  • 20 hours of group or individual Spanish classes (with the Full elective)
  • £7 GBP per hour for additional classes

Conditions may apply. Availability and actual prices will be confirmed with you after submitting a booking request.