John Fawcett Eye Foundation, Bali

In 1989, John Fawcett started his humanitarian work in Bali, and started a program with help children afflicted with cleft lips and palates. It works escalated and expanded and has resulted in the formation of John Fawcett Foundation and its Indonesian counterpart Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia, which in December 2006, was voted the best NGO in Indonesia by Indonesian Government.

All services provided by John Fawcett Foundation are free of charge to the recipients who come from the lower socio economic group. The foundation works closely with local government services and its supported by private and corporate donations. Our long term goal is to work towards eradicating the backlog of cataract blindness in Indonesia (around 2-3 millions) and to address the annual increment of cataract blindness which is 0,1 % of the population. The short term goal is to provide free cataract surgery for the poor to as many people as possible.

A Real Eye Opener

Medics Away has associated with the clinic ever since it first started sending students to Indonesia. Each student that goes to Bali, whether on the Full or Barebone elective (over 2 week stays). will visit the clinic. Every student that attends will have $100AUD donated to the clinic from the Medics Away Foundation. Medics Away makes no profit from such trips.

Price Includes

  • Transportation
  • Donation to the John Fawcett Foundation

All trips are subject to weather conditions. Minimum of 4 students participating. Included as part of the ‘Full Elective’ package.